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In the heart of Fort Wayne

The Northside Neighborhood rests in the heart of Fort Wayne, centrally located just Northeast of Downtown in the 46805 district. As the largest geographic association in the city, our boundaries span several unique areas that include diverse residential housing stock, unique local businesses, and award-winning parks, trails, and other attractions.

Together — Let's Support Our Local Businesses


Concordia High School

1601 St Joe River Dr

(260) 483-1102

Physical Therapy

Hoosier Physical Therapy

3030 Lake Ave #26

(260) 420-4400

Food / Grocery

Health Food Shoppe

3515 N Anthony Blvd

(260) 483-5211

Bars and Restaurants

Shady Nook

2834 Parnell Ave.

(260) 471-7372

Food / Grocery

Pio Market

1225 E. State Blvd.

(260) 484-5414

Bars and Restaurants

el Azteca

535 E. State Blvd.

(260) 482-2172

Maintenance / Repairs

Northside Plumbing & Heating

2234 N Clinton St.

(260) 483-0572


Stay Connected

Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association1 week ago
In honor of National Historic Preservation Month 
Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association2 weeks ago
Another great business in East State Village! Check out their sale!
Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association2 weeks ago
Fair Play Volleyball in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Neighbors! If you missed @twistfoodtruckfw at Northside Night Out on Monday (they had equipment problems), head just across the Tecumseh St bridge this evening to grab the best wings in town or their new PBJ burger! Northside Neighborhood supports our neighbors wherever they are! Go show TJ and Drew some love!! @fortwaynefoodie @fortwaynefoodslut #fortwaynefoodtrucks
Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association2 weeks ago
We’re proud to announce that the Northside Neighborhood Association has been awarded a Neighborhood Improvement Grant for 2024! You may remember that at our General Meeting “Fall Fill In” in November, we took a survey (on paper) of your favorite of several projects— the winner by a landslide was professional design and implementation of the planters in East State Village. Your board members obtained quotes from area companies and applied for the grant this spring. Between this grant and the projects that will come along with the Historic Northeast 2035 plan, there’s a lot happening in the Northside Neighborhood!
Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association2 weeks ago
Food truck season starts tonight! See you at Lakeside Park, 5 8 PM!
@whipchill @twistfoodtruckfw WTFish @Mercadito Taqueria
Northside Neighborhood Association
Northside Neighborhood Association2 weeks ago
Come grab dinner at Lakeside Park! Monday, 5-8 pm, May 6.
Who doesn't LOVE @WTFish ?!
@twistfoodtruckfw Mercadito Taqueria @whipchill


Why should you become a member?

The Northside Neighborhood Association is dedicated to serving you – homeowners, renters and business owners residing in this beautiful and diverse district of Fort Wayne. Our mission is to represent residents, businesses, and visitors of the Northside Neighborhood by organizing, advocating for and steering projects that improve and unite our community.

1 | Get Connected
The Northside Neighborhood is the largest neighborhood in Fort Wayne and one of the oldest. Our community is made up of a diverse mix of race, culture, and backgrounds. By joining the Northside Neighborhood Association, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with your neighbors on ideas, initiatives and projects that help grow our neighborhood into a safe, active, and growing community.

2 | Stay Informed
Fort Wayne is experiencing a rebirth of many Downtown districts, and we are certainly no exception. The Northside Neighborhood Association meets regularly to discuss what’s happening in our community and explore opportunities that improve your daily life. In addition, the Northside Association Board constantly reviews and approves city projects that beautify and develop our area.

As a member you can take an active role in the future of our community and stay informed on all the opportunities that help grow our neighborhood.

3 | Be Involved
The Northside Neighborhood Association works to bring our diverse community together, while at the same time, is directly involved with projects committed to the improvement of our neighborhood such as beautifying our streets and parks and working with local businesses to succeed in our area. As a member you can get involved by attending our regular meetings, joining our social media group discussions, participating in, or volunteering for community events, contributing to neighborhood improvement projects, subscribing to our newsletter, helping steer local legislation and joining the association board and actively taking on leadership roles and committees that directly affect you and your neighbors.

Join the Northside Neighborhood Association today and get connected, stay informed and be involved in your community!

Membership fees are ONLY $25 a year!

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